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Well equipped: With the Ford Ranger Hardtop from

Whoever chooses the Ford Ranger chooses pure power and limitless driving pleasure. The ranger equipped with all kinds of frills is the perfect companion, because thanks to the mountain start assistant and downhill control, you leave nothing to chance in every situation. Too little space to get everything under? No problem, but we offer the right Ford Ranger hardtop!

Our promise: With the choices offered by our range, you can upgrade your vehicle in no time. Choose the best from the products, of course at an attractive price/performance ratio – that only offers!

You can buy these variants of the Ford Ranger Hardtop online

As diverse as the use of the pickup, the requirements for a Ranger hardtop are also so different. But don't worry, that's exactly what we have on offer, so you don't have to compromise. Everything else below!

  • PRO Ford Ranger Hardtop for Double Cabin Pickup

This Ranger Hardtop is ideal for those who want to get to their destination comfortably and safely with their pet. The PRO version offers an optimal indoor climate thanks to three sliding windows that can be used independently of each other. As standard, side and front sliding windows, tinted rear window, rear window heating and LED interior lighting are integrated. Of course, everything is finally done and based on the E-mark.

  • TRADE Ranger Hardtop for Extra Cabin Pickup

A modern design meets a timelessly elegant Ranger hardtop especially for retail. Of course, theft-proof and waterproof, you have here the perfect companion for your daily tours. Selectable in different versions (without side window, with sliding window, with folding window), individually adapted to your car color. 100% made to your liking, either with Vynil or car carpet in the interior trim. The Ford Ranger Hardtop, which is designed to suit your needs – only here at!

  • STANDARD Ford Ranger Hardtop for Double Cabin Pickup

Are you looking for a resilient, but at the same time ideally usable and at the same time inexpensive Ranger Hardtop? With our STANDARD model you can start right away, because you can be mounted and connected in no time. Included as standard are a rear window controlled by gas springs, lockable and tinted. By means of a dynamic load capacity of up to 75 kg, the roof rail can be used as additional storage space.

  • PRO PLUS Ranger Hardtop for Double Cabin Pickup

Are you looking for a companion for longer trips or camping holidays? The PRO PLUS version is specially reinforced, thanks to this property suitable for the installation of roof tents and easy to use at any time thanks to side folding windows. An integrated rear window heating system as well as the central locking system, which can be operated via the car key, make the use extremely easy!

  • SPORT Ford Ranger Hardtop for Double Cabin Pickup

An optically absolutely consistent appearance is important to you? Then the SPORT equipment of the Ranger Hardtop offers just the right thing! why? Therefore: Tinted rear window, inside lockable and front sliding windows, rear window heating and of course a central lock. Thanks to clamp fastening, you have integrated the whole thing in no time. Durable and robust, thanks to glass-reinforced plastic and stainless steel fittings.

  • WORK Professional Ranger Hardtop for Double Cabin Pickup

If you are looking for maximum room yield, you are well served with the WORK version. Here you get a Ford Ranger hardtop that is theft-proof, robust and at the same time extremely spacious. All flaps are controlled by the central lock, and a roof rail is available at an additional cost.

  • SPORT PLUS Ford Ranger Hardtop for Double Cabin

The nonplusultra from our range of Ford Ranger hardtops is the SPORT PLUS version. This combines a first-class design and limitless features. In addition, it offers electrically connectable folding windows, easily controlled by the central lock. Take a look inside!

Any questions? Those who have the choice often have the agony. But don't worry, we will advise you competently and without obligation. Call or write now – you can always rely on's expertise! Your partner for high quality Ford Ranger hardtops and other nan ranger accessories and spare parts!

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Aluminum roof rail for hardtops and cargo compartment covers

Universal for all hardtops and cargo compartment covers
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